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Become A Partner

How To Become eTaxkart Partner

  1. Complete the online registration form at etaxkart.com and email the necessary documentation.
  2. You must deliver a signed hard copy of the agreement and make payments in accordance with your branch level.
  3. Our team will review all of your paperwork, and if the information is found to be accurate, you will be assigned a branch.
  4. Within 24 hours of branch allocation, the branch will be onboarded, and you will receive your CRM user id and password.
  5. The branch owner will receive introduction instruction on how to manage a firm and use CRM software
  6. Each branch will be assigned a dedicated account manager for hassle-free working, timely assistance, and complaint management.

Facilities A Branch Will Get From eTaxkart

  1. Welcome Kit and quick Startup guidelines
  2. Authorization certificate for working as a partner of eTaxkart and udyam registration.
  3. Identity Card ads material, broachers, visiting card and banners will be given as branch level.
  4. Training will be provided for proper and smooth operation of branch.

Documents For Branch Opening

  1. Identity Proof
  2. Address Proof
  3. Passport size photographs
  4. Registration fee receipt
  5. Bank Details
  6. 100 Rs stamp for affidavit

Registration Charges

  1. E-BRANCH:- 2499/-
  2. P-BRANCH:- 9999/-
  3. CITY BRANCH:- 20000/-
  4. DISTRICT BRANCH:- 40000/-
  5. CAPITAL BRANCH:- 90000/-
  6. ZONE BRANCH:- 140000/-
  7. STATE BRANCH:- 200000/-
  8. MULTI STATE BRANCH:- 500000/-
  9. INDIA HEAD BRANCH:- 1000000/-

Important Notes

  1. E-Branch- This is an electronic branch which is suitable for working online mode. E-Branch does not have any area rights.
  2. P-Branch- P-Branch means physically situated branch which no is specific area rights. P-branch is the first label in the networ
  3. City Branch- City branch will be situated in each city with specific area right of that city. City branch is second level in the network.
  4. District Branch- District branch will be situated in each district with specific area right of that district. district branch is third level in the network
  5. Capital Branch- Capital branch will be situated in each capital city with specific area right of that capital. district branch is fourth level in the network.
  6. Zone Branch- Zone branch may include with 2 or 3 capital cities with specific area right. Zone Branch is fifth level in the network.
  7. State Branch- State branch will be situated in each state of India with specific area right of that state. State branch is sixth level in the network.
  8. Multistate Branch- Multistate branch may include 2 or 3 state of India with specific area right. Multistate Branch is seventh level in the network.
  9. India Head Branch- India Head branch will be divided in to two branches one for north India and second for south India with specific area rights.

Branch Allotment Rules

  1. All the process of branch allotment like FILLING OF registration form, submission of necessary documents, deposit of registration fee and SENDING physical copy of agreement form will be done FIRST THAN ONLY BRANCH WILL BE ALLOTED.
  2. E Branch can be allotted to any person but he will not have physical location rights.
  3. From P-Branch to Multi State Branch will be given on first come first serve basis WITH PHYSICAL LOCATION RIGHTS.
  4. Welcome Kit, Startup Kit and Operation Certificate will be given only after completing all the branch allotment process.
  5. Any branch can upgrade itself. If the branch level is vacant, the branch will be given to the first applicant
  6. Same person cannot take two branch level
  7. Registration fee will not be refunded if branch is downgraded
  8. Apart from the branch holder, if any other business partner wants to take training, then he will have to pay the training fee separately. Training will be completed free of cost for the branch holder.
  9. Marketing material along with welcome and startup kit will be received by you within 12 working days after completion of branch allotment process